Sunday, 25 March 2012

Meeting up with your friends on Moshi Monsters

Ok so this is impossible? Or is it? Has anyone actually made arrangements with their friends to meet in sludge street for example and when you get there they are nowhere to be seen? This happened to my son and his best friend last night. They had a notebook laptop each and we're at the ready to see what happens when they try and meet. They were disappointed to say the least! Note to Moshi Monsters let friends meet up on Moshi Monsters


  1. Hi we tried this too and it wouldn't work. My daughter and her friend were waiting for each other for about 10 minutes on Sludge Street! They were disappointed it didn't work. She tried to meet her brother too, same thing. A definite downside to the game - they get bored of only being able to post notes to each other.

  2. i know its really annoying me too...

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